No more uncertainty

Tired of not knowing when you’ll receive your orders?
Are you usually sending your purchases to your office?
Do you get annoyed when a carrier attempts to deliver your order, but you aren’t home?

With RECS, your online purchase comes where and when you want it.

How it works

  1. During the checkout process, select the delivery option “RECS”.
  2. Select your preferred date(s) and time slot(s) to receive your purchase.
  3. RECS will show you different prices, each associated with your preferred date(s) and time slot(s).

Accuracy and discounts

The more time slots you choose, the cheaper shipping and handling costs will be.
In addition, you’ll find alternative time slots suggested by RECS system designed to save you money (incentivized slots). Welcome to our collaborative and empathetic economy!
Once your selection has been processed, RECS will execute the delivery during the time periods you have selected. The days of tracking your purchase are over!

Ecommerce RECS

If you have any questions or concerns: consult our FAQ or writte us to